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      Genevieve Gordon

      Hello All,

      This is my first time reaching out. I am new to the role of Deputy Principal of Operations at our College. I was hoping people would be willing to share information about the structure of  elective units (we call ours Arts & Technology units) at Year 7-10 at your schools. We are a small regional school with 174 students Year 7-10. Our Year 7-10 students currently do two elective units  (50 hours) per semester. We are investigating other structures, for example students completing two 50 hour electives and one 100 hour elective per year.  What do other schools do? What electives do you offer?

      Thanks in anticipation.

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      Kristine Walker

      Hi Genevieve, welcome aboard. I’m happy to take your call if you wish to discuss structure at Notre Dame College/Shepparton. NDC completed a curriculum review in 2018. Since then, Year 7’s complete term based rotations of Art/Technology options. Art = visual, Drama, Music and Media. Technology = Food, Textiles, Wood/Metal and Digital. These subjects are scheduled for 6 x 50 lessons a fortnight = 1 double and 1 single each week. In year 8 students select to complete 2 semester based Art and 2 semester based Technology electives  from the following. The same 4 Art electives as Year 7 however Technology options increase to 6 options as follows: Food, Textiles, Wood, Metal, Systems and Digital. Same time allocation applies as Year 7.

      Our goal was to provide students with greater ownership and engagement of their electives from an earlier age.  Term based rotations are challenging if classes are impacted by disruptions and lost time. The emphasis is given to skills based projects and don’t over assess.   The semester based Year 8 program is blocked to support student choice so has some timetabling implications and can put pressure on resources including capping some programs. For example – food is always oversubscribed. Essentially students rank their choice rather than select options.

      Hope this helps. give me a call if you want more detail.

      Kind regards

      Kris Walker


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