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      I was wondering if you can assist, we are currently researching our Diversity Leader role description and i was hoping if you could share with me:

      A Learning Diversity Role description

      POL level given to the role

      Time allowance given.


      Thanking you

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      Kristine Walker

      Notre Dame College are in the process of updating all role descriptions for the next POL cycle.

      the previous Learning Enrichment Leaders position has been rebadged to the Learning Diversity Leader and increased to POL 4 Director role.

      The increasing complexities of the NCCD, increasing number of students with learner profiles and large SSO staff has demanded greater emphasis to this position. In addition to this the college has NCCD admin position see role description

      see the draft role description.

      happy to chat if you need more details


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      Donna Laughlin

      We too are reconsidering the Head of Learning Diversity role and Head of Learning Centre (Library) role. Any role descriptions that can be shared would be greatly appreciated.


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      Catherine Howison

      I have attached our role description for Teaching and Learning Leader: Learning Diversity.  The role is also supported by the Learning Diversity Administration Assistant and we provide time allowance for two LSOs for NCCD.


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