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      Claire Nailon

      I am wondering how other schools manage Special Provision for SACs when students are permitted rest breaks. Do you expect the subject teacher to stay behind after class? Do you get the students with Special Provision to do the SAC at a different time or in a different venue? We ahve more and more students who have been granted Special Provision, so we need to think about ways to manage this.

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      Julie Swanson

      Hi Claire

      We do a bit of both, and sometimes it depends on the length of the task but mostly

      • If during normal class time students do SAC at the same time but supervised by Learning Support Team in different venue.
      • If during one of are designated SAC common time then managed by the supervising teacher


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      David Broadbent

      Depending on the time and suitability of venue, either use a different room or engage an LSO to do the additional supervision (particularly if the teacher has to move to a new class or yard duty).

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