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      Jane Ward

      We currently hold Parent/Teacher/Student Interviews twice a year (once late in Term 1 and once early in Term 3). These interviews are for all year levels and in Term 3 teachers of semester-based subjects are asked to talk about students settling in and goals for the semester ahead.

      I was wondering when other schools hold their interviews and how they structure the focus of the discussion? Do you focus on particular year levels at certain times of the year? Do you focus on discussing learning that has happened or are you focused on future goals?

      I’m keen to hear what other formats schools are using.



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      David Broadbent

      Hi Jane

      Our are usually for all Year levels at either end of T1 / star of T2 (depending on the length of term 1).

      Then in 2nd week of Term 3 for VCE / VCAL and last week of Term 3 for all other year levels.

      Focus tends to be both on what has been achieved and the areas for improvement (hence only VCE/VCAL at start of T3: too many semester based subjects haven’t had cahnce to assess yet).

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      David Hansen

      Hi Jane

      We have recently rebranded our Parent Teacher Interviews as Student Learning Conferences – putting students at the centre of the meetings.  We also moved the first one of the year from end of Term 1 to the start of Term 2.  Feedback was that this was not the preferred option by about 50% of staff and parents.

      The second SLCs occur in Term 3, Week 8.  In both cases the SLCs are for all year levels and the focus is on what has been taught, what the student has learned/achieved and what could be improved.

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      Julie Swanson

      Hi Jane

      Ours are also called Learning Conversations, to encourage greater student involvement.

      We have all Year Levels towards the end of Term 1, different weeks (this year one f-to-f, one virtual).  Focus is generally on discussing the online feedback, as we have been trying to build parents engagement with this over the last two years as we have many who do not access it, and the what next

      VCE ones about Week 3 in Term 3 (Week 5 of semester 2) focus similar as mostly year long subjects also on future goals remainder of the year (Yr 12 exam prep, Yr 11 subject selection etc). Moved these earlier into the term last year to be able to make this the focus for senior students.  Generally has worked well.

      7 – 10 about Week 9 Term 3 (have many semesterised subjects) thus focus is very similar to Term 1

      Both of Term 3 are virtual



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      Joanne Holmes

      We still call them PSTIs.  I like the idea of Learning Conversations by Julie.

      End of Term 1 for Year 7-12. End of Term 2 for VCE Unit 3/4 and Yr 12 VCAL to focus on achievement and goals moving forward. Term 3 can be too late for change. End of Term 3 Year 7-11 but Year 12 can still book in for further feedback. Placement of PSTIs allow for semester subjects and changes to Unit 2 giving time for teachers to know their students and how they are going.

      We provide ideas to teachers on areas to cover in PSTIs discussions. Focus on achievement,  how students have gone in DLM (student independent learning) and goals going forward.

      Regards Joanne

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