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      Hi everyone,

      Gathering information on timetables as we are considering a 10 day timetable ( 6 periods a day) from a 5 day timetable.

      1. Could you please let me know what  you are running:

      for example we run a 5 day timetable x 6 periods a day.

      2. Any any reasons to support a change from 5 to 10 days?



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      David Broadbent

      Hi Bernadette

      We run a 10-day timetable (5 x 60 mins a day).  The 10-days provides far greater flexibility for scheduling, particularly in allocating different time allocation for Learning Areas.  For example, some subjects have 5 or 7 lessons across the 10 days, which is not possible with only a 5-day cycle.  It also means that there is greater opportunity to scheduled classes on different days and different times of day to avoid the same classes being lost to public holidays, pupil-free days, etc.

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      Joanne Holmes

      Hi Bernadette,

      we run 4×75 minutes across a 10 day timetable. It is good to be able to have different subjects on different days, reducing the impact on Mondays which are often Public Holidays or Friday early finishes at end of term. Being 75 minutes there is a greater impact for loss of class. Part-time staff can be the greatest issue in restricting the 10 day timetable if they require a set day. We try to be flexible but work also for the students best interest. we try to get a balance of the number of classes across the 10 days. Most of our subjects have 4 or 6 periods but may be changing to some 5’s in the future. With VCAL and VET it can restrict the days/blockings as both have set days for VET and Work Placements.


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      David Hansen

      Hi Benadette,

      We too run 5 x 60 minute periods per day over a 10 day cycle.  Greater flexibility with the 10 day cycle as mentioned previously.


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      Michael Box

      Hi Bernadette,

      At Aquinas we run 6X50 over 10 days. The Pros and cons for public holidays, part time staff, different times in the week, an odd number of classes over the two weeks are all factors which have been well canvassed above. Happy to talk about it more.


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      Caroline Brown

      We also run a 10 day timetable, with 6 x 53 min lessons and agree with the reasons given above for 5 days versus 10 day timetable.

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      Michelle Robertson

      Hi Bernadette,
      We have a 10 day cycle. 5 periods per day – 64 minutes each. Day 8 students finish at 2.35pm and we have staff PL from 3.00pm – 4.30pm. (attached for you)

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