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      Cheryl Pefanis

      Hi there. We currently have an advertised Position of Leadership called ‘Learning Diversity Leader’. However, for a myriad of reasons, we need to change the actual title whilst still retaining the role, which includes NCCD funding as well as working with students with additional needs.

      Looking for suggestions: what title do you use at your school for this leader position? Thanks so much. Cheryl (PS Happy holidays!)




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      Ivanka Spiteri

      Our leader is titled “Additional Needs Co-ordinator” but I think it needs to be “Leader” (makes it more than administration – encourages strategic planning and culture creation). This role falls under my care as DP Community Engagement as it is seen to be about learning and teaching, wellbeing, and engaging with external services and supports.

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      David Broadbent

      Ours is the same title “Learning Diversity Leader”

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