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      Fiona Lennon

      Hi everyone,

      I was hoping to gather some feedback on how different schools run Work Experience at Year 10.  With COVID forcing us to cancel the last two years of work experience, we are looking at the feasibility of trying to run it again next year.

      At what time during the year do you run this program and for how long?  Are you planning to run it next year?

      Thanks all,
      Take care, Fiona

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      Michelle Robertson

      Hi Fiona,

      We no longer run an external placement program of Work Experience. We have replaced it with ‘Career Days’ for our Year 10s 5 days spread throughout the year as part of a Careers Immersion program.

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      Julie Swanson

      Hi Fiona

      We have already made the decision to not run our Yr 10 Work Experience program next year, too many unknowns. Normally it has been last week of term 2.  Last two years we have run an internal Future Ready program and will do that again.  We are seriously considering not having a compulsory WE program at Year 10 beyond that but have decided to postpone that decisions until next year.

      Kind Regards



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