February 24, 2021

2022 PAVCSS Memorial Leadership Scholarship

Principals are asked to draw this to the attention of appropriate senior staff of the availability of this Scholarship in 2022. A copy of the 2022 application form is provided via a link below (and is available on the PAVCSS website).


PAVCSS Memorial Leadership Scholarship

In offering this Scholarship we honour the work of those who have died whilst in the role of Principal.

This Scholarship is awarded annually to a leading educator in a Victorian Catholic Secondary School who:

1.        Shows outstanding leadership capacity in a particular field in his/her school

2.       Has contributed to the broader dimension of Catholic Education through membership of committees and organizations

3.       Has strengthened his/her own leadership capacity through study or project involvement


This Scholarship provides $5,000 towards:

·       Participation in a recognized Leadership Program

·       Accommodation and air fares

Applicants must:

·       Complete the Application Form and provide references (in addition to the Principal Statement)

·       Be available for a panel interview


Applications are due Wed 31 March. The application form is provided here:  MML Application Form 2022


Thanks, Mark Aiello.

VCSSDPA President

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