Bernadette Donnelly

VCSSDPA President

Deputy Principal – Learning and Teaching at Saint Ignatius College, Geelong.

Bernadette has taught for over 30 years in a variety of educational settings and is grateful of the many opportunities that she has had to develop her own leadership skills through generous and excellent mentoring. Bernadette completed the Master of Educational Leadership at Australian Catholic University and continues to read widely, collaborate with others to inform her leadership practice.

She is passionate about building professional learning cultures that empowers staff to reflect on their pedagogy and to focus on student improvement. Bernadette enjoys working with staff to create a shared and contemporary practice of learning and wellbeing based on research, professional dialogue and collaboration.

Rachael Cracknell

VCSSDPA Secretary

Deputy Principal – Staff at St Bede’s College, Mentone.

Rachael is currently the Deputy Principal Staff at St Bede’s College. She has held this role since 2017, having held other Deputy Principal roles in the areas of school organisation and planning since 2001.  Rachael sees herself as a lifelong learner and enjoys both informal and formal learning opportunities and has most recently undertaken an Executive MBA (ACU), MEd and post graduate units in theology.

Rachael is committed to staff professional learning and growth and seeks to implement structures and pathways to grow aspirant and middle leaders to lead learning. Rachael’s focus is on leading a learning community that embraces continual improvement in practices to improve student learning outcomes.


Nicholas Moloney Executive VCSSDPA Treasurer

Nicholas Moloney

VCSSDPA Treasurer

Deputy Principal at Marcellin College, Bulleen.

Nicholas has been a teacher at Marcellin College for twenty four years, in addition to being and Old Collegian. He has held a range of leadership positions including eleven years as a House Coordinator and five years as Mathematics Learning Coordinator.

Nicholas has a strong conviction to the Marist Charism and values the opportunity to teach and guide young people. He firmly believes that the Catholic ethos of schools must be a lived experience for all members of our communities. Nicholas has a Bachelor of Education and a Master of Leadership from Monash University. As a new member he looks forward to giving back to the VCSSDPA that has supported him over the last four years in his role.

Kris Walker Executive VCSSDPA Deputy Principal

Kris Walker

Deputy Principal – Learning and Teaching at Notre Dame College, Shepparton.

Kris has a strong commitment to the mission and ethos of Catholic Education and has worked at a number of schools in her career spanning nearly three decades.

Kris is committed to improving learning outcomes for students, especially in regional Victoria, and passionate about supporting student pathways and strengthening the VM, VCE and VET programs.

Professional learning for staff is a major priority for Kris to ensure that students benefit from contemporary pedagogy and practice.

She is excited about the opportunity to work with the VCSSDPA Executive and to represent her regional colleagues to encourage greater networking and learning opportunities.

Julie Banda

Deputy Principal Head of Clyde North Campus, St Peter’s College Cranbourne.

Julie has held this position since 2017, having held numerous leadership roles in a variety of educational systems in both Australia and Africa. Julie feels blessed that her leadership has been developed through an integrated approach involving faith formation, leading in faith and through the critical lens of trust and collaboration.

Julie has held a variety of leadership roles in curriculum and student and staff wellbeing which have supported her leadership formation and provided her with great agency to build capacity in emerging leaders within Catholic schools.

Julie is truly indebted to those leaders – especially deputy principals – who have shaped her journey and leadership formation in Catholic education. Deputy Principals work tirelessly and it would be a tremendous honour to support their work and leadership as a member of the VCSSDPA Executive.

Anita Kay-Taylor

Deputy Principal Learning and Teaching at Mount Lilydale Mercy College.

Anita has a love for learning, which has led her to a highly rewarding career in Education, across several systems and in a plethora of leadership roles. The core of her practice as a teacher and a leader is based on a moral purpose to empower students and teachers to use education to address issues in society, through interculturalism.

Her expertise has been developed through various studies and lived experiences in State and Catholic School Leadership programs, a Masters in International Education Policy, curriculum development and innovation.

Anita is committed to being a faith leader, practicing servant leadership within any given context. She is enthused and energised by any opportunity to work for and with peers. The VCSSDPA is an ideal match as this network is dedicated to leadership professional development through collaboration.

Jane Ward

Assistant Principal: Learning and Teaching at Kilbreda College, Mentone.

Jane is passionate about continuous improvement in education and providing opportunities for staff and students to thrive. Jane is an experienced educator, having served in other school sectors in various leadership roles.

Since joining the Kilbreda community in 2020, Jane has attained accreditation as a HALT Assessor and is currently studying her Masters of Educational Leadership at ACU.

Jane is grateful for the opportunity to serve on the VCSSDPA and looks forward to the opportunity to contribute to the continual development and networking opportunities that this association provides.

Craig Judkins

Deputy Principal – Wellbeing at John Paul College

Craig is passionate about promoting the connection between wellbeing and learning in schools. During his 27 years in Catholic education, he has held leadership positions including Head of Department, Faculty Leader, Professional Learning Coordinator and Director of Organisation.

Craig is particularly proud to join the VCSSDPA as he believes in the value of networking – of sharing ideas and experiences so that all Catholic schools grow and provide our students with the best opportunities possible.

Craig is an active member of the St Thomas More Parish and contributes to the parish through his knowledge of music. He is also an active musician – regularly performing at a various venues throughout the state.

Craig looks forward to contributing to this outstanding team and hopes to see you at a VCSSDPA event soon.

Jacinta Sheridan

Deputy Principal – Head of Officer Campus, at St Francis Xavier College.

Jacinta has taught for over 30 years across single gender and co-educational Catholic and state educational environments. She has held leadership roles in her areas of passion – Geography, Professional Practice and Religious Education.  Jacinta is a life long learner and undertakes professional learning as a priority to ensure she is up to date in best practice.

Jacinta’s focus in her current role includes developing teacher practice, building the capacity of staff she works with, and engaging families and the wider community in educational priorities with the end goal, of student growth and achievement.

A keen advocate for collaboration, Jacinta is excited to be part of the VCSSDPA as an extension of the work we are all undertaking in this complex time.