Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy sets out how the VCSSDPA manages personal information provided to or collected by it.

The VCSSDPA is bound by the Australian Privacy Principles contained in the Commonwealth Privacy Act. In relation to health records, the VCSSDPA is also bound by the Health Records Act 2001 (Vic.).

The VCSSDPA may, from time to time, review and update this Privacy Policy to take account of new laws and technology, changes to the VCSSDPA’s operations and practices and to make sure it remains appropriate to the changing school environment.


What kinds of personal information does the VCSSDPA collect and how does the VCSSDPA collect it?

If you contact us we will collect the email address you nominate and any other identifying information you provide, such as a name or phone number.

Please do not give us other personal or sensitive information.

Other than circumstances such as unlawful activity or serious threats to health and safety, we do not share Personal Information with other agencies or organisations. You may opt out of further contact from us at any time.

Personal Information you provide: The VCSSDPA will generally collect personal information held about an individual by way of membership enrolment.

Personal Information provided by other people: In some circumstances the VCSSDPA may be provided with personal information about an individual from a third party, for example a reference from another party for a guest speaker or presenter.


How will the VCSSDPA use the personal information you provide?

The VCSSDPA will use personal information it collects from you for the primary purpose of collection, and for such other secondary purposes that are related to the primary purpose of collection and reasonably expected by you, or to which you have consented.

The purposes for which the VCSSDPA uses personal information of its members include:

  • to keep members informed about matters related to their membership, professional learning opportunities and the distribution of invoices and charges for attendance at VCSSDPA events
  • to satisfy the VCSSDPA’s legal obligations and allow the VCSSDPA to discharge its duty of care.

Marketing and fundraising:  The VCSSDPA treats marketing and seeking donations for the future growth and development of VCSSDPA services as an important part of ensuring that the VCSSDPA continues to provide a quality professional learning opportunities to its members. Personal information held by the VCSSDPA may be disclosed to organisations that assist in the VCSSDPA’s fundraising.

Members may from time to time receive fundraising information. VCSSDPA publications, like our Twitter feed and website, newsletters and magazines, which include personal information, may be used for marketing purposes.


Who might the VCSSDPA disclose personal information to and store your information with?

The VCSSDPA may disclose personal information, including sensitive information, held about an individual to:

  • people providing services to the VCSSDPA, including guest speakers and facilitators
    recipients of VCSSDPA publications, such as our website, Twitter, newsletters and magazines;
  • anyone you authorise the VCSSDPA to disclose information to; and
  • anyone to whom we are required to disclose the information to by law.

Sending and storing information overseas: The VCSSDPA may disclose personal information about an individual to overseas recipients, for instance, a professional learning facilitator. However, the VCSSDPA will not send personal information about an individual outside Australia without:

  • obtaining the consent of the individual (in some cases this consent will be implied); or
  • otherwise complying with the Australian Privacy Principles or other applicable privacy legislation.

The VCSSDPA may also store personal information in the ‘cloud’ which may mean that it resides on servers which are situated outside Australia.

Management and security of personal information
The VCSSDPA’s Executive are required to respect the confidentiality of members’ personal information and the privacy of individuals.

The VCSSDPA has in place steps to protect the personal information the School holds from misuse, interference and loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure by use of various methods including password access rights to computerised records.

Access and correction of personal information
Under the Commonwealth Privacy Act and the Health Records Act 2001 (Vic.), an individual has the right to obtain access to any personal information which the VCSSDPA holds about them and to advise the VCSSDPA of any perceived inaccuracy.  Members are able to access and update their personal information via our website.

Enquiries and complaints
If you would like further information about the way the VCSSDPA manages the personal information it holds, or wish to complain that you believe that the School has breached the Australian Privacy Principles please contact the VCSSDPA Secretary.  The VCSSDPA will investigate any complaint and will notify you of the making of a decision in relation to your complaint as soon as is practicable after it has been made.