Life Membership

Life Membership (Honorary) of the VCSSDPA

Life Membership of the VCSSDPA can be given in recognition of a significant contribution by an individual to the Association and to Catholic Secondary education. It is recognised as a prestigious award and thus it is important that the following criteria and process for receiving this award are met and followed.

Criteria for being awarded Life Membership
The criteria for life membership (honorary) involves displaying exemplary behaviour and achievement in the following areas:

  • Outstanding leadership qualities
  • Outstanding Catholic values
  • Outstanding support of members of the Association and through involvement in the Association and Catholic Secondary education it is considered they have brought a significant benefit to the VCSSDPA and Catholic Secondary education

Process for being awarded Life Membership (Honorary).

A person can be nominated by any member of the Association.

A nomination is to be submitted by completing the fields below, describing the achievements and contribution of the individual, based on the criteria for being awarded Life Membership.

The VCSSDPA Executive will consider all nominations.