Welcome to the Victorian Catholic Secondary Schools Deputy Principals’ Association (VCSSDPA) website.  The Association is committed to fostering the professional, personal and spiritual development and welfare of Deputy Principals in Victorian Catholic Secondary Schools.

The VCSSDPA has, over many years provided professional learning opportunities of the highest standard and developed strong collegial networks to promote and support the varied roles of Deputy Principals. The quality of this professional learning is a result of the work of the Conference Planning Committee in conjunction with leading Educational Consultants, members of the VCSSDPA Executive and our partnership with the Principals’ Association of Victorian Catholic Secondary Schools (PAVCSS).

The Association provides valuable support and networking opportunities for those new to the role of Deputy Principal and those who have been in the role for some time.

We would like to extend a warm welcome to all visitors to this website and encourage all Deputy Principals (or their equivalent) within Catholic Secondary Schools in Victoria to actively participate in the events offered by the VCSSDPA.

Warm regards,

Bernadette Donnelly
VCSSDPA President