December 3, 2021

VCSSDPA News: Registration Process for 2022

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the 2022 Executive Team we wish you all a lovely Christmas break with your families and loved ones. Please find below the VCSSDPA Executive Team  for 2022:


We welcome Rachael Cracknell from St. Bede’s to the team.


President:              Mark Aiello                        Parade College

Secretary:               David Broadbent             Marymede Catholic College

Treasurer:              Nicholas Moloney           Marcellin College

Louis Papadimitriou       Mt Lilydale Mercy College

Kristine Walker                Notre Dame College, Shepparton

Angela Romano               Salesian College, Sunbury

Bernadette Donnelly       Saint Ignatius College, Geelong

Julie Banda                       St. Peter’s College

Rachael Cracknell            St. Bede’s


Registration Process in 2022: Your Principals received correspondence from me on Friday 3 December regarding the process for their PA/relevant person to register NEW DP’s/AP’s at your schools in 2022. This will then allow them to receive all correspondence.

As you are a continuing DP/AP in 2022 we ask that you login to the website and check that all your details are correct, including the number of years you have been a DP/AP in Victorian Catholic Schools. There is no longer a need for you to re-register each year. If you are moving to a new school in 2022, can you please log in and update your email address to the new school one and your position title too. Please also follow up with your IT department ensures and are ‘whitelisted’ and unblocked from your College’s SPAM filters. That is, permitted through by your school’s firewall. Otherwise all emails from the site will be blocked.

Invoicing: All schools will receive the annual subscription fee invoice for $270.91+GST ($298) on Wednesday 8 December 2021 for processing. The invoice is due in early Jan.

Professional Learning in 2022: We have our first PL afternoon set for Thurs 10 March (Venue TBC) with a panel of four Principals, followed by nibbles and drinks. Details to follow shortly.

Best wishes on behalf of the VCSSDPA Executive Team,

Mark Aiello (VCSSDPA President)

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